Whether your organization operates primarily in Canada or internationally, if your organization deals with Advisors, and you are looking to make a difference in your value proposition, KolodaCORE can provide valuable expertise in a number of areas:



  • If your organization wishes to outsource value-added Practice Development programs, KolodaCORE can help create a tailored approach that complements your business model.  


  • If your organization wishes to create or enhance an existing in-house Practice Management team of experts, KolodaCORE can work with you around the creation of a business strategy.


  • If your organization uses specialists to help support Advisors, KolodaCORE can provide valuable expertise and experience to help these specialist teams become more Advisor focused.


  • KolodaCORE has extensive experience in creating and implementing Coaching Certification Programs that will help employees become more effective in working within their teams and with Advisors.


  • Most sales organizations are implementing a Customer Focused Selling approach. Learn how this method will develop a higher degree of customer satisfaction, enhance relationships and generate more sales.




Our Clients

  • BMO Tax and Estate Planning Division
  • Equitable Life
  • RBC Group Division
  • Great West Life
  • Advocis
  • Blue Cross Medavie
  • BFL Canada