Sales Training

KolodaCORE has extensive experience in teaching sales excellence. If you are going to teach sales excellence, you must have done it yourself. 


Whether your organization requires a skilled facilitator for the delivery of sales programs, consultation around how to better support a Sales Culture in your organization, or one on one job shadowing with your Account Managers, KolodaCORE can add value to your organization.


Many off the shelf programs available in the marketplace can be adapted to the needs of your organization.


Analysis of the desired behavioral competencies of your salesforce will dictate whether the use of a program that already exists is most appropriate, or whether a tailor-made program would be more suitable.


If you want sales training for your sales force given by people who have practical, hands on sales experience, KolodaCORE will help create and implement a program that will yield results specific to your needs.




Client Testimonials

"Based on a referral from one of our advisor clients a number of years ago, we engaged John Koloda to develop a training framework for our sales and management teams. John's insights and sessions have been invaluable in helping us develop a professional sales team for the future. Our industry is undergoing continuous change and the value of a sales coach like John can not be understated in helping us adapt and better serve our advisor and employer clients."

Mike McClenahan

CEO Benefits by Design