Program Facilitation


KolodaCORE particpated as a key facilitator of the Global Supervisory Leadership Development Program (SLDP) for the IAMGOLD corporation.


A 2014 Award winner with the Canadian Society for Training and and Development the SLDP’s initial implementation includes eight modules developing both technical and leadership competencies and spans three years, three continents, three languages and multiple sites including underground and open pit mining operations. Built into the implementation is a sustainability process that develops internal trainers so that each location can manage the program over time.

What makes the program even more complex is the unique mining environment. Historically the mining industry has focused on production, and in more recent years, health and safety, but rarely would it have been said that mining is on the leading edge of leadership development and empowerment.


The SLDP at IAMGOLD has been a game-changer initiative. Through living our values, supervisors at IAMGOLD are truly able to move towards ‘Empowering People, Extraordinary Performance’ and build not only their skills, but their pride.

Impact Statement


  • 84% Engagement results with +10 points over peers in L&D Six Sigma consultants and industry peers called SLDP ‘world class’.


  • 46% ROI and impressive results at all levels of evaluation Best H&S record in company’s history (first quarter 2014).



Client Testimonial


John’s strong knowledge of leadership theory coupled with his business acumen added significant value to this award winning program (CSTD – 2014 Canadian Award for Training Excellence).


His high level of cultural awareness and emotional intelligence made him a very suitable facilitator and coach for our operations in both Canada and Burkina Faso, West Africa.  



His ability to flex from executive-level strategist to compassionate leadership

coach in a third world country is beyond compare. The impact he has had on our global supervisors will never be forgotten. I will no doubt call in him for opportunities in the future.


Lisa Parker Human Resources Manager IAMGOLD



Mes premières activités de facilitateur ont été faites en présence  de John  il y a 3 ans, n’ayant aucune expérience en facilitation John a su par son charisme rassembleur, par son talent, par sa passion, par sa grande expérience  et par sa patience à transmettre ses connaissances développer le gestionnaire qui dormait en moi.


John est un excellent coach généreux de son temps, sur lequel on peut compter en tout temps.


Je tiens  sérieusement à recommander John  à tout gestionnaire qui souhaite développer ses compétences  de Gestion et Leadership et qui souhaite bénéficier d’un excellent service en développement des compétences. Par son approche structurée et innovatrice, John m’a amené à explorer et mettre en application des concepts qui ont fait de moi un gestionnaires mieux outillé pour faire face aux multiples facettes des plus complexes de la gestion et de la facilitation .


John possède une énergie incomparable et respire la confiance.


John Koloda est un homme de parole dont les valeurs sont bien ancrées. Une personne intègre et loyale que je vous recommande sans hésitation.


Marc Carle Formateur IAMGOLD


Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso