Personal Coaching


Specialized business coaching services include but are not limited to: 


  • Accountabilities and responsibilities within your organization


  • Working with family members


  • Coaching and managing others


  • Business skill development plan


  • Maximizing relationships with suppliers


  • Time management


  • Delegation


  • Creating your own personal growth and development plan


  • Creating and living your life plan


  • Planning for succession or retirement



The complex and ever changing nature of the business creates an environment where there are obvious benefits to individuals who solicit outside feedback, perspectives and coaching on a regular basis.  




Client Testimonial

Working with John enabled me to achieve personal and professional results. He held me accountable, kept me moving forward and allowed me see things from a different perspective. He listens in a way that allowed him to ask pointed and powerful questions enabling me to make better decisions and enrich my leadership skills. John brings the added value of his professional experiences and resources to his coaching sessions. Having John as an executive coach was invaluable to me.


Kim Macey, COO, Benefits by Design