Practice Management


An Advisor's practice can be very complex.  


Dealing exclusively with elite level Advisors, KolodaCORE offers advice and support for every process and structure within your company, from short-term measures to long-term projects. Our client base is exclusive and small in number in order to allow KolodaCORE to focus on you. 


Advisors are best at selling and nurturing client relationships; the majority of your time and energy should be focused on these key areas.


We will help you develop and implement plans to run the other parts of your business. 


For those Advisors that focus on Employee Benefits, KolodaCORE has a deep understanding of the issues facing an Employee Benefits practice.


Our consulting diagnostic process will identify and evaluate the biggest areas of concern and assist you in addressing these issues in your organization.


The creation of a corporate mission and values statement, along with creating a strong company brand are very important activities, but most issues arise in the day to day operations of your organization, not in the creation of mission and vision statements.


Attention will be given to the most important asset in the organization: You!


The creation of a life plan as well as maintaining the appropriate level of work-life balance will be a top priority. 


Candor and honest feedback around all aspects of the Advisor's business and business habits from a trusted confidential source is critical for an Advisor to take their business to the next level.