Succession Planning


Succession Planning is one of the most critical topics in the financial services industry right now. Everyone talks about it, but few have created concrete plans to address it.


KolodaCORE will assist you in developing and implementing an action program unique to your particular needs:


  • How to evaluate your business.


  • When is the right time to sell in order to maximize the value of your asset?


  • Should you sell all or just a portion of your business?


  • What factors need to be considered if/when bringing in a junior partner?  


  • Due diligence for both buyer and seller.


These are just a few of the subjects that will be evaluated as part of our practice management review.


If you are planning on leaving the business, KolodaCORE can help you create a game plan and exit strategy to ensure that you and the buyer of your block can manage a smooth transition.



In order to avoid any possible conflict of interest, KolodaCORE cannot be involved in both the acquisition and sale of a business at the same time, unless both parties are aware and fully agree. 




Client Testimonial


“John and I met through a very horrible experience. 


Namely, a very dear friend of mine fell ill with a terminal disease which ultimately took his life at the age of 53, leaving a wife [also a very dear friend of mine] and 3 children.  My friend owned and operated an insurance brokerage business and his wife needed to sell the business after her husband’s passing.  I am a corporate lawyer by profession who also served as a co-trustee of my late friend’s estate, along with the surviving wife.  Neither the surviving wife nor myself had much familiarity with operating an insurance brokerage business so this is where John’s able assistance and advice became invaluable to us.  John interposed himself into the affairs of the insurance brokerage business prior to the death of my friend, and thereafter until the business was sold to a third party.  John set the business up for auction and solicited the interest of various competing bidders for the business and assisted us in selecting the final bidder for the business, leading up to a quick closing and a smooth transition of the business.  John’s caring of the family and the business went above and beyond the call of just doing his job; he was emotionally invested in the process and gave me and the family the best advice.


I have only the highest praise for John, who made a very sad and difficult time in the lives of myself and my friend’s wife and family much easier.


Mitchell J. Sanders”





John helped me through the initial process to sell my business. He kept me on track as well protected my interest. His expertise in the insurance business and my career of 40 years in the business was an easy fit.


For succession planning I would strongly recommend his participation in any transition situation in our business.

Lynne McIndoe Meredith
MeredithIinsuranceAgencies & Financial services inc.