10 Smart Things Advisors Do


1. They have a plan.


I’m not referring to a multi-page document that will quite likely just gather dust on a shelf. Smart Advisors have a few, well thought-out, clearly articulated priorities determined with a strategic and tactical point of view. These priorities should ultimately support a predetermined vision of success such that you can measure yourself against it.


2. They are on top of their finances.


We’ve all heard the story about the shoemaker with the worst shoes. If you haven’t, I can tell you that it doesn’t end well for the shoemaker’s kids, as it won’t for a financial Advisor. Smart Advisors are on top of their finances, both personal and corporate. If this is an area that you are not able to dedicate some time to, then find an accountant that you trust to manage it for you and set aside some time quarterly to review.


3. They don’t assume.


If something needs to happen in order for you to meet your objectives, then make sure it does. Smart Advisors work with their support staff to ensure that everyone is on the same page and has an understanding of the priorities, and they periodically check in to ensure deadlines and commitments are being met.


4. They are adaptable.


We are in a constantly evolving industry and smart Advisors are always prepared to adjust and to change. Those that strive to seek opportunities for innovation will stay ahead of the game, while those that prescribe to “the way that things have always been done” will likely lose their clients to their more adaptable counterparts.


5. They challenge their clients.


No one wants to work with someone that always agrees with them. Well, no one successful that is. Smart Advisors listen to their clients, but will respectfully challenge them if they are not thinking in a way that will help them achieve their personal goals.



6. They stay in school.


Okay, maybe not literally, but smart  Advisors never stop learning and growing. With today’s technology, there are more options than you could count that allow you to stay connected in your industry and engaged in current events and advancements. Find the mediums that work best for your lifestyle and become a subject matter expert in your field. This will benefit your clients and ultimately, your business.


7. They flick off the switch.


The financial industry often requires a 24/7 type of mindset, however, smart Aadvisors know the importance of disconnecting. Periodically schedule time off and find activities that you can enjoy on your own or with your family.


8. They are good at saying no.


We are more often defined by what we are able to say no to versus everything we say yes to. Smart Advisors have clear goals and they empower themselves to say no to those activities and events that are not aligned with their priorities.


9. They don’t offload on their team.


Letting yourself become overwhelmed and scrambling at the last minute barking orders in an attempt to get out the door is no way to run a business. Smart Advisors know how to delegate. They focus on what needs to be done and they engage their staff in priority setting and file division.


10. They are in control.


In today’s world of constant distractions, it’s easy to have a whole day go by and not be able to pinpoint what you got done. Smart Advisors are in control of their surroundings. Emails, phone calls and meetings are prioritized and addressed in a timely, efficient manner.



A smart Advisor is generally synonymous with a successful Advisor. Take some time to reflect on your business and identify where you may have opportunities to grow and improve. If there are areas that do not come naturally to you, or practices that you would like your team to implement, a business coach can assist you in taking the necessary steps to cultivate a positive change. Be a smart Advisor.