Will this year be different?


Author: John Koloda, BComm, CLU, CFP, CHFC, RHU

January 2012


The year is well underway and many of us have undertaken “good resolutions” for the upcoming New Year. Among those resolutions, increasing our physical, mental and social well-being is probably somewhere on the list. Many interesting studies, articles and conferences have dealt with the do’s and don’ts inherent to well-being. We all know that eating well, exercising regularly, leading a balanced personal and professional life and nourishing one’s psychological and spiritual self, make up the essentials of general well-being.


So what else could be said on the subject…from the perspective of a financial Advisor? Probably not much from a theoretical point of view and even less in the way of dictating what one should do or not do!


At KolodaCORE, we do not necessarily believe in “pontificating” on any subject in this manner. What we promote is more along the lines of encouraging financial Advisors who lead very busy lives to take stock of their level of desired well-being and evaluate where they stand. If we can contribute to your reflection on this subject by putting forth some pointed questions that will lead you to your own ideas, suggestions and actions, then we will have met our objective.


Could we say that cultivating one’s well-being is a never-ending challenge in our personal and professional lives? Taking the time to fathom one’s well-being as a financial Advisor might not be the most spontaneous exercise as “busyness” tends to take precedence over self-evaluation. But once a year…taking our well-being “pulse” as it relates to activities in the workplace might be worth the effort.


Let’s make this exercise easier with a quick survey. Just click and count your well-being “highs”, and if you feel that any areas are missing on the attached questionnaire, please do not hesitate to add to the list.


The purpose is two-fold: first and foremost, feel good about the number of “highs” you can count in the pursuit of your profession! Capitalize on these and make the best of them each day. And, if you choose to do so, consider highlighting one area where your well-being could be increased.


  • What change in this area would bring on a significant improvement in your well-being?


  • What control do you have to implement this change?


  • What could be the first action on your part to initiate the change?


In the spirit of communicating important goals and objectives to someone other than yourself, please consider sharing this exercise with a trusted confidante and your business partner.

In the search for balance, aiming for reasonable and realistic levels of well-being is probably more rewarding that striving for perfection. 




Well-Being Questionnaire


Consider taking a few minutes to answer these questions as honestly and spontaneously as you can. Get a feel for your positive sources of well-being!

To what extent does your well-being increase when you…

High                   Medium                 Low                        

Client Interaction




Prospect for new clients




Meet new clients




Service clients on phone




Resolve client issues




Prepare for client meetings




Market your business




Identify centers of influence-networking




Volunteer for non-profit organizations




Get referrals




Develop/fine tune your branding




Create marketing tools




Build your business




Write/review/adjust your Mission




Establish your goals and Business Plan




Set your 90-day action plan




Track and review your results




Plan your succession




Manage your staff




Hire/replace staff




Train/develop staff




Evaluate performance




Resolve staff issues




Hold staff meetings




Address office/operational issues




Help your staff set and monitor goals




Professional development




Reading/research on industry relevant subjects




Attend training or seminars




Meet/exchange with fellow advisors











How many “highs” are you getting in your role as a financial Advisor? Are you getting enough to really be on the road to your desired level of well-being?